20 Black Hat SEO Tactics That Work!

Posted: Ιουνίου 28, 2014 in Make Money

Δείτε αυτό το μοναδικό άρθρο για το Black Hat SEO

Rohan Ayyar's Blog

Black hat tactics that work? And 20 of them? Skeptical? Don’t worry–this is not yet another article that «enlightens» you on hidden text, link exchange, paid links, cloaking, keyword stuffing, doorway pages and sneaky redirects, and warns you to renounce such sinful deeds if you’re indulging in them. Search for black hat seo techniques or black hat seo tactics and you’ll find umpteen sermons on the above-mentioned methods.

If you’re a fledgling online marketer (like me) new to the SEO scene, you’ve heard about the evil, immoral webmasters who, awash with big-brand cash, buy links and run blog networks. You’ve heard more about Chinese wild animals unleashed by Google that cause “pandamonium” among them lowly plebs. But you didn’t go the black hat way, did you? Or perhaps you missed the bus?

All you SEO noobs (and noobettes) probably know Google’s Webmaster Bible—sorry, Guidelines—by heart. But what do you…

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