Superstar Blogging

Superstar Blogging


Superstar blogging is a very profitable activity. There are many blogs that make a lot of money and blogging for money is now a well recognised profession.

Also, the profitable blogs are making money with affiliate programs, Amazon affiliate selling or other affiliate programs.

Another very profitable inherent activity is internet advertising. Ad sense is one very reliable advertising service for publishers from google. Despite Google is in general a very difficult company to work with, due to the many restrictions they have, it is quite profitable and you can have an extra source of income for your blog.


Blogging Basics

To start making some money by blogging you need to have your own blog. You can start your free hosted blog with blogger or

Free hosted blogs are very restricted in the content they could run. Also the platform is very reliable but they are quite strict with advertising and promotions. l had my two first accounts shut down on the first place because of that.

You need to start your own blog and to find a hosting service and a domain name. l definitely would prefer the platfrom. Superstar blogging is to have your own hosted blog.

Then you should follow a daily success blueprint in your blog and write some posts. If you are not familiar with blogging, you can download for free my new ebook Super Affiliate Marketing. A very helpful guide about affiliate marketing, blogging and internet marketing.


Superstar Blogging Tips

1. Blog For People, Not The Search Engines

You should blog for your audience and for the people. Superstar blogging is about blogging for the masses, for big vertical markets and not for small niches. You will never become a superstar blogger with small tiny niches.

If you don’t have any audience, then you must create it.

So instead of writing highly optimized crap that might potentially rank higher in the search engines, write for your audience. Write interesting, fun, exciting and pillar worthy content that people love to share – SEO comes second. Content is king if you really want to set your blog up for success.


2. Ask your Audience!

Getting feedback is a critical part of blogging and everything else in life. What you think is good doesn’t matter.


3. Write some guest posts

The community is everything. You can write some guest posts and get in touch with the blogging community.


4. Blogging is a profession

You must treat blogging as a business. Organize it well and organize your time properly.


5. Use some social networking

So stop putting everything on  your sidebar! Don’t overwhelm your audience, but you should at least use some social networking tabs and widgets. You should integrate your blog with a facebook page, a squidoo lens and a twitter account.

Tweet your posts and create some buzz with the social bookmarking tools.


6. Do you have a Unique Selling Proposition?

If you want to set up your blog for immense success, it needs a unique selling point. It needs to be unique in some special way. Find your blog’s USP and promote it.


7. Blog Daily

Be consistent and never give up. When you are in the start you need to blog daily in order to generate some good quality content. Then after a month or two you can blog twice a week.


Superstar Blogging Resources

To read more about blogging and superstar blogging you can read the following articles:


P.S. Don’t forget to get your  Super Affiliate Marketing copy for free!



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